Homecoming Open PTR - General Reddit Feedback

Hi guys, I made this general summary of feedback from here on Reddit, originally to share with CDPR, but I thought it might interest you as well. Note that these are not my opinions (except for the couple of author notes), but my best unbiased attempt at compiling the feedback. Obviously this list is not exhaustive but I think it covers most of the major points.
Mostly compiled from this thread:
With some from:
And some other threads from Reddit.
Extremely Common Feedback - was mentioned in a majority of posts
Frequent Feedback - was mentioned in a moderate amount of posts
Rare Feedback - was mentioned in a small amount of posts

User Experience Summary

Extremely Common Feedback:
● The game looks amazing/beautiful
● Game speed/flow is too slow.
● Introduce auto pass when no options are left.
● Animations are too slow, both in placing the card and card effects
● UI needs an improvement, show more information
● Tags (immune, lock etc) need to be clearer, use text as well as symbols
● Deckbuilder filters and sorting needs improvement. Sort by power esp.
● Game is too dark (visually, not bright enough)
● Don’t move/pan camera between turns
Frequent Feedback:
● Make it clearer who is going first or second, and who’s turn it is (make coin prominent)
● Cards need more weight to them
● Need a deck tracker
● Show point difference
● Good tutorial is needed/better explanation of mechanics
● “Swing cards around” or hover a card rather than point and click
● Card text needs to be easier and simpler to understand
Rare Feedback:
● Like the artists’ names are back
● Align the points with the rows better
● Put an row icon for cards that only activate on a certain row, or make the rows different colours
● Leaders need anti-aliasing
● Hard to tell golds and bronzes apart
● Card Text and Key Word Glossary should be different font

Gameplay Summary

Extremely Common Feedback:
● People like deckbuilding/provision system is great
● Leader variety is fun and interesting
● Order system is fun
● Game has more/too much RNG
Frequent Feedback:
● People like Tactical Advantage, however 5 points may be too much
● 2 rows are good
● Gameplay feels more interactive
● Balancing leaders with mulligans has had mixed response (AN: I think balancing leaders with provision cost might be better than mulligans)
● Feels bad to play low mulligan leader
● Being able to spread out mulligans is good
● Don’t like 10 card limit
● 10 card limit and draws make round 1 and 2 matter less - not fun
● There is a lack of card synergy/archetypes. (AN: I don’t think this valid. People are conflating synergy with parasitic cards. Card synergy in HC is better in my opinion)
● Artifacts are fun/good addition
● Artifacts are too binary
● Too many cards are simple boost/damage (card design is too simple)
● Cards are lacking a lot of flavour - Coral is now discard, Eredin’s ability is generic etc
● Numbers being so low is strange and hard to balance
Rare Feedback:
● 2 rows are bad/could have had 3 rows
● Don’t like the lack of tutors
● Thrive is a cool keyword
● Reach is a cool keyword
● 10 card limit is interesting/people need to adjust

Card Balance Summary

Most feedback did not focus on individual card balance
Extremely Common Feedback:
● Nilfgaard Witcher decks seems very strong
Frequent Feedback:
● Usurper is not fun to play against/unfair
● Reveal is stupid RNG, and possibly OP
Rare Feedback:
● Too many useless “pack filler” bronzes like Wyvern
● Adda is awful
● Gascon is a stupid card
● Many golds are way too conditional

Technical/Bugfix Summary

● Optimization is bad (obvious feedback)
● Rope sound effect continues after ending turn early
● Sweers Ability is to deal 0 dmg and increase the dmg for every card revealed by 0.
● “Artifact”,“Special” and “Unit” don’t work in Deckbuilder filter
● Visual bug where people can’t see menu
● Some leader voice lines echo
● Shupe card text missing
● All Artifacts seem to have zeal, not sure if intended
● Wild Hunt Navigator has wrong card text, seems to still have hidden deathwish
● Cynthia does not preview the power of the Guardian she spawns
● Triss Telekinesis only creates from remaining cards in deck, not starting deck
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